Who is CRoME?

You know CRoME as one of the most talented and charismatic emcees in the events industry. But how did he get here?

We remember the day he walked in the door like it was yesterday. It was clear that he was not the average dancer. Since then, we’ve progressed together in what has been a mutually-beneficial relationship.

CRoME was a natural on the microphone. And with some tips and fine-tuning from the industry’s best trainer of emcees, NYX’s MC Howie T… well, you see for yourself what CRoME has become. Among the most sought-after talents in the east coast bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah market, CRoME rarely gets a weekend off. But he doesn’t think about it that way. When asked about that situation, he says, “Success requires sacrifice. Every day is an opportunity to work hard and get things done, regardless of what we happen to name that day.”

Life wasn’t always glitz and glam for CRoME. His father was murdered by a drug dealer when CRoME was just 10 years old, a story he tells openly on his website But he did not let that stop him from pursuing greatness. Through hard work, seeking out mentors with common goals, and staying true to his core beliefs, CRoME has emerged from adversity to build a clothing brand, a virtual reality business, and a bright career as an event producer with NYX Events. That is in addition to being well on his way to taking over the industry as the premier emcee and host for corporate and social events.

The driving force behind NYX Entertainment & Events is constant improvement. That applies to our staff, our equipment, and especially our level of production. Working with a talent like CRoME is all the more incentive to push the limits. Craig Leko, Production Director at NYX Events, says, “We can’t present CRoME to our clients with an average production quality. We support him on every event with the very best creative artists and technical minds in the business, from DJs, dancers, and producers to set designers and special effect techs.

The process that event design company TAIT goes through when thinking about how to present Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift on tour… that’s how we think about bringing CRoME to your event. We usually have a smaller performance space and smaller budget than a concert arena, but we go for the absolute maximum-impact experience possible within those parameters so that when CRoME picks up the mic, your guests know it’s time to party!” You can see from our reviews the results of that extra effort and attention to detail.

Whether it is a New York City flash mob or a performance on Jimmy Kimmel or Saturday Night Live, CRoME delivers a passionate performance every time. But the most important reason CRoME is the best in the business is how much he genuinely cares about you and the success of your event. Reflecting on his years of experience, he says, “There is no other place I can think of where you can come together with people whose sole mission is to show their loved ones a good time. Every weekend we get to celebrate the lives and achievements of awesome individuals and companies with their friends, families, and colleagues.”

Meet MC CRoME here:

MC CRoME from NYX Events on Vimeo.

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