Weddings FAQ

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect entertainment for your upcoming wedding, we at NYX would like to make this process as fun and amazing as it is easy! Knowing the right questions to ask is as important as knowing the answers. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions over the past 30 years. While times may have changed, the basic questions about a great reception have not. Let’s get this party started!

How much do your services cost?

Tip: This question is one that every couple asks first and we are happy to answer. But before you compare price, you should qualify the company you’re considering. The quality of service you’re provided far outweighs the cost! DJ fees vary greatly from company to company and the value of that fee is only justified if their services are a perfect fit for your needs.

Our fees start at $995 for four hours. This is based on a wedding up to 100 guests on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays. For a detailed quote of exactly what your NYX wedding experience will cost, please use our Build Your Experience tool.

Why should we hire NYX when we found a DJ who is the owner of their company and they are coming to play our wedding?

We answer this question with a question… Is it more important to have the owner play your wedding? Or would you rather have the most talented DJ?

We have fielded many frantic calls over the years from couples a week or two from their big day (and sometimes the day before!) saying the DJ they hired called out and will not do their wedding. The range of excuses has included “My wife is pregnant and about to give birth,” and “My garage was broken into and my gear was stolen.” None of the excuses are ever comforting or acceptable for the client couple, nor should they be.

You only have one chance to get your wedding day perfect. NYX clients do not worry about such horror stories as we have DJs on standby in the event of emergency. You can rest assured that all your wedding entertainment professionals will be in place and prepared to deliver an amazing experience on your wedding day.

What is your approach and style when providing the DJ entertainment?

Our approach to music is simple… “By the end of your event, every guest should leave having heard their favorite song at one point or another.” Our style is elegance with a flair for excitement. We let the music move the crowd. It’s not just about the right song at the perfect moment, but making sure the succession of songs that follows develops into a happy mix of music.

Our time-tested formula has proven consistently to create an experience that captures your guests’ emotions and makes them say things like “What a fun party, I’m so glad we came!” And our microphone presence is professional and engaging. We facilitate your formalities and handle all of your announcements with class. We don’t ride the mic or steal the spotlight. The focus remains where it belongs… on YOU!

OMG! We attended a wedding once and cringed! How do we avoid the “cheese factor”?

With over 30 years in the business, we have seen and heard it all… from DJs using the Chicken Dance to open a dance set to the DJ making inappropriate comments over the microphone. We can guarantee that was not an NYX event!

Our DJs are sophisticated, talented, and have a deep knowledge of great music while also having their finger on the pulse of pop culture. We understand what it takes to create a great soundtrack that appeals to everyone. We’ll leave the cheese to our competitors, while we focus on energy and excitement perfectly tempered with elegance.

What types of music do you have in your collection?

The short answer is “Everything”. We have been in business for over 30 years and, in that time, we have amassed a collection of music that spans the eras and the globe. Securing musical requests for our clients have never been an issue.

In rare cases there may be certain cultural events that have very specific musical requests. In that situation, we will be happy to recommend another DJ or musical act that suits your needs perfectly. We want you to be thrilled with your entertainment choice, even if it is not us!

Can we select the music we want? How do you handle our personal requests?

Yes. NYX utilizes the latest online technology to communicate your musical and logistical requests (such as announcements, wedding party names, etc.) to your DJ. Our online wedding portal gives you direct access to our entire music database. You may create your own play lists in these categories:

  • Must Play
  • Dedications
  • Do Not Play
  • Play If Possible
  • Play Only If Requested

You can make selections based on song title, artist, genre, or “add your own” for those hard-to-find tracks that may not be available through normal channels. We encourage you to give us as much detail as possible to ensure a fun-filled evening that is as musically personalized as the wedding itself.

How will I know who my DJ is? Will I be able to meet and communicate with them before the wedding?

The compatibility between you and your DJ are paramount. Your DJ is responsible for delivering an unforgettable experience. Getting to know you and building a relationship is one of the key aspects to making that happen. We represent the area’s most talented professionals, any of which have performed at thousands of fairy-tale wedding celebrations, both locally and across the country.

As a valued NYX client, you will work with one of our event specialists as you plan your special day. Filling out the music request portion of your wedding portal will create a profile for us to determine the best member of our DJ team to create your ultimate experience. Once that process is underway, your DJ will take ownership of your affair and you will be connected. They will work directly with you via email, skype, and in person (if your schedule permits) to dial in all requests, formalities, and the overall tone you would like created at your wedding.

Do you use quality equipment? Do you carry backup equipment with you in case of emergency?

Yes. Like any professional, you are only as good as the tools you use. Our DJs work with the finest, most reliable equipment available. All of our systems have backup components as part of their equipment list. Additionally, NYX has a team of dedicated professionals on standby, ready to help in case something beyond our control should happen.

Thankfully, this rarely happens. But it’s nice to know that there is a backup plan in place when you have so much riding on one day. We believe we are the only company that has this level of redundancy in place and we’re pleased to acknowledge that it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

We are not hiring a party planner. Can NYX help?

Absolutely! While we fully believe that wedding planners, both “full-on” or “day-of”, are instrumental in making your whole experience more pleasurable and much less stressful, we also understand budgetary restraints and the need to find somewhere to cut costs.

All NYX event specialists are seasoned event planners. We do not plan your whole wedding, but we do use our extensive experience to help you develop your timeline or “day-of” itinerary at no additional charge. A well-crafted schedule will ensure a fun-filled experience from the first guest arriving to the last guest leaving! This service is part of the NYX experience and ensures a seamless affair with little pressure or stress, allowing you to truly be a guest at your own celebration!

Do you provide music for our ceremony? What types of options are available to me?

Yes, NYX offers several options for your ceremony, including solo acts such as harpists, guitarists, trios, or quartets. If you prefer to have something more simple or eclectic, we can provide MP3 music specifically coordinated for your wedding party. The answer is always YES!

Do you offer lighting and photobooths?

Yes! NYX offers several photo booth options and multiple lighting and uplighting options to enhance your venue. All of these services are handled directly by NYX, not contracted through outside vendors. This ensures a high quality experience for your guests, lowers your costs, and reduces the number of vendors you’re using to keep your persons of contact to a minimum.

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