Booking and Working with NYX Entertainment & Events

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect entertainment for your upcoming party, we at NYX would like to make this process as fun and amazing as it is easy! Knowing the right questions to ask is as important as knowing the answers. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions over the past 30 years. While times may have changed, the basic questions about a great affair have not. Let’s get this party started!

How much do your services cost?

An NYX experience begins at $3,500 and up, based on the level of production you want. Our pricing is competitive with the industry, but our talent, customer service, professionalism, reputation, and reviews are far and above what any other company can offer. While their services and pricing may seem similar, NO ONE has our people. You are booking a service, not a product, and that is where NYX rises above the rest… offering the most talented and highest character people in the world!

How do I know which size package I need?

We will help you make that decision. The more guests you have, the more entertainment you need. NYX has a 30-year proven formula for pairing the perfect level of entertainment for the size of event we are producing. Our entertainment specialists will be happy to walk you through the process and explain exactly what is needed to deliver the experience you’re looking for (and why!).

How many dancers do I need?

To deliver the best level of engagement for everyone at your event, we suggest the following formula:
– 1 dancer for every 20-25 children

An NYX experience is for everyone, not just the kids. Our ratio of dancers to kids allows us to have enough staff on the event floor to keep the kids fully engaged while also involving your adult guests so that everyone at your party is entertained!

How do I know the talent I book will be there on the day of my event?

This is one of the most popular and sensitive questions every family asks. The truth is, it is impossible for anyone to guarantee they will be somewhere in the future. WE ARE HUMAN and, as such, subject to life and acts of God that sometimes get in the way of our commitments.To address this, NYX has developed a philosophy that is as solid as it is honest and that has served our clients extremely well for over 30 years.

Our philosophy is… If the talent you book is alive, well, and working that day, they will be at your affair and no other.

While you are booking a package featuring a particular talent, you are really booking the company and their reputation for delivering a quality experience.

What makes your company different from everyone else?

We love this question because this is where we shine! It’s not our 30 years of experience, over 20,000 successful events, or our national events industry awards that make us better. It’s our founding principles that make an NYX experience far and away the best for your party!

Our approach to every event is simple: “Make each event an experience that appeals to everyone in the room!”

The NYX formula is to engage every guest from 8 to 80 years old in family-oriented fun! Every person has their own idea of what is a fun time, and we strive to meet those criteria for everyone at your celebration. You can expect a multi-leveled experience featuring a happy mix of music and an environment that makes every guest feel special!

Consistently delivering this level of entertainment is where we draw on our valuable years of experience producing thousands of successful events. Check out what our clients say on our perfect 5-star rated Yelp! about their experience working with NYX for their entertainment: What Our Clients Say

Come in and meet us and you be the judge!

Can we come to one of your events to see for ourselves?

The events we produce are not “our” events. They are the once-in-a-lifetime celebrations of our clients. As such, we hold these moments with utmost care and privacy, as we will do for your special day as well. It is not our place to intrude on our client’s affair with strangers looking on as they celebrate and honor their milestone occasion.

NYX has plenty of collateral to support our services and the quality for which we are known throughout the special events industry. We do understand that this decision is one of the most important you will make for your event. We have a proven plan to achieve the comfort level you will need to place your trust in NYX as your entertainment. That includes a meet-n-greet which we will be happy to arrange with the talent you’re considering. Our goal is to make it easy for you to be certain that your MC is the right fit for your child and your party!

Questions About Your Booked Party

When will I meet my emcee?
Your NYX Entertainment event specialist will work with you up to the moment your MC takes ownership of the event. This happens two months out. At that point, you will be directly connected with your MC and provided their contact info to coordinate your final meetings. During your final, you will sit with your MC in person to go over all of the details surrounding your affair.

This meeting can take place at our office or in the comfort of your own home. Your MC will coordinate this meeting with you directly and make the necessary arrangements according to your schedule and what is most convenient for everyone involved.

Can I pick the party favors for my event? Or should I let NYX take care of that for me?
You can custom order your own favors with us, but it’s best to let NYX handle this for you. We have our finger on the pulse of the hottest trends and most popular favors guests love! Our creative department works hand-in-hand with our talent staff to communicate feedback on which favorite favors people love to see at parties.

Should my event be four or five hours? Which is better? What is the typical length of a party?
Most parties today are three or four hours, consisting of a one-hour cocktail reception followed by a three-hour dinner and dancing reception. There are events that run five hours, but this has become rare. In fact, more and more clients are requesting three-hour experiences!

The best parties are short and sweet for maximum impact. No matter how good the experience is, if your party drags on too long, that impact will diminish. While we specialize in helping craft a timeline for your party that flows well and keeps everyone entertained, we need to consider how long we’re asking our guests to stay focused.

We believe that the party should end as hot as it started. We all want our moment to last forever. But what makes an experience special is that it only lasts forever in our hearts and minds!

Can I choose my dancers or select their gender?
Yes, you can choose the gender of the dancers at your event. However, we would advise you to consult with your MC who knows the best complement of performers for your desired experience.

What do the dancers wear?
NYX prides itself on delivering well-groomed, party appropriate, and professionally attired performers. Our creative department has developed a versatile outfit system which integrates perfectly into almost any themed or color-oriented event. Our custom outfits allow for the dancers to personalize their clothing to fit in with your theme or their personal style. That’s what our performers are all about!

If you would prefer something a little different or totally custom, we are happy to provide you with your crew’s shirt sizes or wear any tops you provide.

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