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Great music makes a great event! When the time comes that all your family, friends, and colleagues are gathered together, the music needs to be spectacular. While celebrating your milestone occasion, it’s the music and the dance floor through which everyone connects. Click to hear our world-class DJs!

Zilla the God

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Zilla’s Mix

Fun Facts about Zilla

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Started Spinning: 2007
Events Played: 1500+
Platforms: Ableton Live
Top Tracks: Run DMC, Tiesto, Icona Pop, Post Malone, and whatever strange samples I can get my hands on



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DJ Rolex’s Mix

Fun Facts about DJ Rolex

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Started Spinning: 1985
Events Played: 2500+
Platforms: CD, Wax, Serato
Favorite Artists: U2, Pink Floyd, Pitbull, Michael Jackson



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DJ Mario’s Mix

Fun Facts about DJ Mario

Hometown: Washington DC
Years Spinning: 18 years DJ, 9 years VJ
Events Played: 1500+
Platforms: VJ mp4, Vinyl Serato
Favorite tracks to drop: September – Earth, Wind, & Fire, Starships – Nicki Minaj, Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez, Fireball – Pitbull


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DJ Leko’s Mixes

Fun Facts about DJ Leko

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Started Spinning: 1992
Events Played: 2500+
Platforms: Ableton Live, Wax
Favorite Artists: Daft Punk, Zedd, DJ Snake, Calvin Harris, Ne-Yo, Usher

What Our Clients Say

  • Professional, courteous, and Fun!

    “Howie, I can’t overstate how happy we were with our NYX DJ. Without exaggeration, he was the best part of our event. Not only did he direct our music to exactly what we and our guests both wanted, he was a key player in the organization of the event as a whole. From the planning stages to the actual event, he was professional, quick, courteous, and above all, fun.

    I’d recommend your services to anyone who asks us!”

    Jordan & Jenn D.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Best Party Ever!

    “I’m getting texts and emails from parents of the kids who were at Josh’s party telling me it was the best party they’ve ever been to. Under difficult, challenging, and unforeseen circumstances, you kept your composure, rose to the occasion, and kept the party going and kids entertained. What more could we ask for? Thank you truly for all of your and your dancers’ energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism. And that entrance for Josh… totally unexpected and amazing! All our best to you!” – Warmly, Stacey, Dan, Josh, and Emily K.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Amazing Experience!

    “Hi Howie and Leko, I just wanted to reach out and personally thank the two of you, and your entire team for the hard work on Saturday. The room looked amazing (your set-up was a huge part of that), and the guests (and the family) had an amazing time! You truly kept the party going all night long, and I know the family was beyond happy with the entire event. I enjoyed working with you both to ensure a fantastic celebration. Thanks and again I really appreciate all your effort to make the night an amazing experience for the entire family! Looking forward to our next event together!” – Christine A.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Thrilled!

    “Howie & MC Chris G, Many thanks for an amazing event last night! The Shur family was thrilled and loved the energy and they raved about you, Chris!! I appreciate all of your pre-help with this, I know we had a lot of back and forth with the details. You executed perfectly! There is nothing I would change about last night and I am grateful for your partnership and for the special details you included to make the party even better. Thanks again.” – Dana N.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • So Great to Work With!

    “Hi, Howie. I just wanted to let you know how awesome Leko, Crome and the team was yesterday. They were so great to work with … Professional, organized, efficient and committed to providing the client and his guests the very best entertainment! And, it wasn’t easy!  I know they were thrown A LOT of curveballs! Their set-up space was not as planned, there was conflicting direction from the client and decor designer, there was no room for the photo booth, and they were not given the montage in advance. Despite all this, they proceeded with patience and professionalism. I absolutely loved working with them! Hoping to work with you again and often!!” -Glynis K.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Beyond Amazing!

    “Your team was beyond amazing. Thank you so much, can’t thank you enough!”

    Sharone A.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • So Special!

    “Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Everyone had such a great time last night. You struck just the right tone with the kids – and the grownups also had a blast. Thank you for making Charlotte’s party so special. She has a huge smile on her face this morning and I have a feeling this will be a party she remembers for a long time.”

    Amanda D.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Terrific!

    “Thanks so much! Everyone commented how terrific all of you were and how the mix of music was perfect to keep both the kids and adults occupied. We have gotten rave reviews for the party and you were all a HUGE part of it!”

    Mara Y.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Heartfelt Thank You!

    “Crome and Leko, A heartfelt thank you for all your hard work on Saturday night. You and your team were incredible… so professional, so talented, and so much fun. The music was just what we wanted at a volume that was totally appropriate for our crowd. The kids and adults were totally engaged. To quote Gabriel during the car ride home: ‘Mom, I know I’m not supposed to say this, but that was the best f@#!ing time of my life.’ Amazing. Warmly,” -Marilyn K.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Amazing Team!

    “Dear Crome and Leko, You guys did an amazing job last night.  What a team you are, what a team you have!!  The dancers were adorable.  The party was so much fun, and Sammy and his friends had a blast! Thank you for being incredible. Thank you for bringing the party to life!”

    Rachel & Dan S.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Absolutely Perfect!

    “I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you did for our affair on Saturday afternoon. You were absolutely PERFECT in every single aspect of the event. You were totally responsive to everything we asked and followed up to all of our emails. You did a fantastic job in handling the flow of the party! The dancers were fabulous! They were sensitive to their role in stimulating the event without overtaking it, which is a difficult balance. Thank you again for a great event! You are really professional.” -Julie & Joel Z.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Rockin!

    “Just a note to say how wonderful you and your group were at the Byer party. Not sure that ‘wonderful’ is a good description… maybe more like ‘Rockin’! The dancers were not only great on the floor, but extremely nice to the kids. It’s been a while since I have seen that many kids, even the little guys, on the floor all night.”

    Terri B.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Charismatic!

    “What an amazing party — you and your staff were totally awesome. Thanks for making our day so special. We had lots of comments from our guests on how great you were as well as the dancers… very energetic and charismatic!! The music was perfect and the break dancing performance was great too!”

    Karen R.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Best Party I Ever Attended!

    “SPECTACULAR! UNBELIEVABLE! THE BEST PARTY I EVER ATTENDED! I have received so many raves and compliments from my friends. Even those who typically never dance and are always reserved at these social functions were on the dancefloor! No matter who we run into, they have heard from someone who was there how wonderful it was. It’s one thing when your guests rave about the party, but when you hear it from people who weren’t even there, you know it had to be good.” -Paul C.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • The Perfect Emcee

    “WOW!!! What a great party!!!

    The DJ played all the right songs to dance to, and was such a gentleman. The MC was a ‘charmer’ — the perfect emcee. And the dancers gave the guests the ‘boost’ they needed to dance the night away!”

    Jane & Len D.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • First Class

    “Thank you so much for bringing ‘New York’, as we Cohens have always known it, to ‘Meredith’s Rainbow Room’. It was truly a rockin’, sockin’ soiree, unmatched by any other party in recent memory!

    Howie, you are first-class when it comes to pleasing your clients.”

    Joyce & Allyn C.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Lively!

    “The people from my office said they had never been to a livelier party! Although there are no more parties like this in my near future, I would recommend NYX to anyone who is having a party!”

    Arden H.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Dazzled!

    “Everyone was completely dazzled by your team’s performance! Your music was perfect. It kept the children and adults rocking all night! The MC did a phenomenal job to keep the party moving. All four dancers were upbeat, tireless, and had smiles for all. Their costumes were superb. Your equipment was fabulous. The kids adored the give-aways. Your professionalism and thoughtfulness were evident throughout. We’ll work together again as soon as I can find an excuse for a party! Although, I wish I could do this one again in slow motion!!!” -Linda & Robert S.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • The Chosen One!

    “I just need to tell you what an awesome party I had on Saturday night and I owe it to you. You were fantastic and I really appreciate you for doing such an amazing job. Your dancers were amazing and the music was AWESOME!!! What do I need to do to save the date for Jamie’s party on Jan 30th? You are the chosen one. Jamie wouldn’t have it any other way!!! She is already telling everyone that her party is going to be just the same as her sister’s. She even wants the same dancers! Anyways, thank you so much for everything. You are truly the best and I appreciated every minute you were with us!!!” -Judy S.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Awesome!

    “From the minute I stepped into your office, I knew we would have an awesome party. You helped me with almost every aspect of the party — which wasn’t your job but just shows me how much you enjoy making people happy.

    Your concept for NYX is amazing.”

    Michele J.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Truly Extraordinary!

    “We are still getting rave reactions from our family and friends who were there, with most people asking ‘where did you find that Howie!!??’ Seriously EVERYONE — and most importantly Molly, Noah, Lisa and I — had so much fun and loved every minute. You were a great MC with a great DJ, and Michelle and all the dancers were great. Thank you for helping make what was already a very special event for our family truly extraordinary.”

    David & Lisa L.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Excellent!

    “Louise and I felt it was important to send you this letter of thank you for the excellent job you and your group did at our daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party. When we met to discuss and plan the evening, you assured us it would be enjoyable for everyone who attended. That was an understatement. Watching our daughter and her friends dancing and enjoying the activities you planned throughout the evening confirmed we had made the right decision engaging your services.” -Lousie and Charles G.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Truly Outstanding!

    “Sarah’s event was truly outstanding. You were able to keep everyone on that dancefloor all night. That included the age groups from 13 to 70. The music selection wasn’t the typical stuff you hear all the time, but music everyone could relate to. The dancers were on fire (they were so hot!!!) and we had so much fun with them. I felt so confident that you were in charge of the evening that it allowed Ken and I to be guests at our own affair. I can’t say enough of your entire staff. They were way more than I could’ve hoped for. Thank you again.” -Rachel & Ken G.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Terrific!

    “Sarah had the time of her life and did not want her party to end! It was great, good fun and both Michelle and Anton did a terrific job! Thanks too for the party favors — a HUGE hit!”

    Ginger P.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Attentive, Courteous, and Professional

    “From what I could see, you had almost all our guests up within 15 minutes of entering the room and they didn’t sit down! You were able to keep the kids involved with their own activities and those which included the adults. You were attentive to our requests prior to the party and all of you were courteous and professional throughout the experience. We only have one regret… We don’t have an occasion soon enough for which to hire you again! You were so critical to the success of the evening and we sincerely appreciate your efforts.” -Tom & Annette P.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • The Key Ingredient

    “Dear Howie, You and your dancers were outstanding… did not want to go to bed without letting you know how impressed I was with you and your team. You kept the party alive the entire night. And you are so nice, very warm, and caring. Thanks so much, you were great! You were the key ingredient in tonight’s success. Again, thank you for your energy and your enthusiasm. Please let your dancers know how pleased we were also.” -Steven S.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Highlight of the Evening

    “Days and weeks after the event, our colleagues are still reminiscing about the entertainment! You were the highlight of the evening. We loved the variety of music played that kept everyone on the dancefloor! Again, many thanks for your assistance in creating a memorable event. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

    Robin S. - Mandarin Oriental Hotel

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Success

    “The affair was a success by all measures, as the result of the collaborative efforts of the individuals such as yourself and those associated with NYX.”

    Dale G.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Absolutely Perfect

    “Thank you so much for a fabulous party yesterday. Your team was absolutely perfect. The kids didn’t sit down for a minute. It was a great mix of music for lots of generations, and we all had a blast with your talented dancers. It was worth every penny! Lots of people asked for your name, and I just sent you someone from Baltimore who emailed asking for your contact info. We go to these things all the time and they are all the same, boring stuff. You guys truly made it special and we are grateful. Thanks again,” -Carolyn B.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Craziest Dancefloor

    “This weekend was great! You all did a great job and I was very impressed. That was the craziest dancefloor I’ve seen in a long time, so a big thanks to you and your team! I hope to work together in the future soon!

    Thanks again,”

    Claudia A.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • High Energy

    “Please pass on to the staff at our party Saturday how much fun we all had! Maddy’s friends all had a blast and we will be talking about this for quite a while. Our adult guests also danced up a storm – even my 80 year old mother left her walker at the table to get out there! It was a really high energy party. We parents particularly liked the segue from the father/daughter dance to Howie’s invitation for the other girls to get their fathers to dance and then the sons and mothers. It’s not so often we get to dance with our kids like that. The kids seemed to really like the dancers as well. They were really effective at getting people motivated. Thanks again.” -Wendy B.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Incredible Success

    “Dear Howie, Thank you so much for your wonderful performance. You and your team impressed all the guests on Friday evening and made this event an incredible success. I shared with all the managers your contact information and collaterals to recommend NYX. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together on many occasions. I look forward to welcoming you again. Thank you again,”

    Amal Z. - The Ritz Carlton

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Baltimore is Talking…

    “Thanks for an amazing party. I truly did not think we could get so many people dancing! Everyone is asking who the DJ company was. Thanks again, and look forward to the video. The City of Baltimore is talking! Thanks again!”

    Joanne R. & Family

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Party in Philly was Great!

    “The party in Philly was GREAT! MC was AMAZING with the guests. He kept our program flowing, improvised when need be, handled his business… he was IMPRESSIVE and PROFESSIONAL. The dancers were great too… the young adults loved the dance lesson they received. This party was so much fun. My daughter Ashley will be in touch with you regarding an upcoming party. Thanks for everything. You have a market in Philadelphia. There’s nothing like NYX there. We’ll be in touch. Love you,” -Ardelia H.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • You Are Heroes!

    “Thank you for your willingness to give back to our troops by providing entertainment for their children. Our organization appreciates your service today.

    We have all discussed your contribution. Today you are Heroes!”

    Dr. Al Wasserman

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Lit!

    “Dear MC Chris, Howie and Leko, Thank you all for a spectacular evening. The music was fabulous. The lighting and set up were beautiful. Chris was so sensitive in making space for our remarks, and created so many special moments for Benjamin and our family. The kids thought the party was “lit” which I gather is about as high a praise as you can get. Chris somehow managed to play the favorites Ben and we wanted and found ways to get both adults and kids on the dance floor. We could not be happier.” -David & Cathy G.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Next Level

    “I would recommend your company to anyone and everyone. You took our event to the next level! DJ FreqOut and the photobooth operator were both awesome and very professional. Only positive things to say.”

    Lee G.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Thanks!

    “Thanks for making our day so special and perfect!”

    Amanda V.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Flexible…

    “Thank you Leko for entertaining our guests last night at La Banque at the Seaplane Base in Havre de Grace,MD. It was a pleasure having you. Your flexibility with the crowd and uncertain weather was much appreciated. To those looking for DJ and entertainment services, I highly recommend Leko. He is a great guy with modern equipment and the know how to make the crowd move! Everyone had a great time thanks to his talents!”

    Kim B.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Rocked!

    “We just used MC Crome and the party rocked! Howie was the DJ (lucky us!) and everybody danced all night. I was amazed at how engaged they kept both the kids and adults. Crome knocked it out of the house with his amazing dance moves and his charisma. Howie rocked the music all night long. When the last song came on, everyone sighed as they did not want the night to end. And what can I say about the dancers! They were awesome. All four of them taught the adults dance moves so they could keep up with the kids. I could not have asked for a better MC, DJ, or dancers. Thank you NYX Entertainment for the best event ever!” -Jennifer F.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • The Best!

    “Not even Snowzilla could stop them!!! Our party was the Saturday of Snowzilla! Howie was committed to making it happen and began moving equipment to the venue two days before the storm. His DJ was incredible, the photo booth was awesome, and the dancers provided a whole new level of energy. Howie played all the music we like. We looked back at the tables and nobody was sitting down!! The glow set brought the house down! We couldn’t be more impressed by the professionalism, showmanship, warmth, and talent of NYX. We WILL definitely party with them again, and recommend them without reservation. They are THE BEST.” -Cinthia R.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Fabulous!

    “The entire team of MC Chris and DJ Leko plus the 2 awesome dancers were fabulous!!!!!!  We loved every minute!”

    Traci L.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

  • Perfect!

    “There are no words to express our gratitude for everything you did to make this weekend so amazing. We were completely blown away by everything. I cannot tell you how many people came up to me to say that Howie was the best DJ they’d ever seen. And people LOVED the dancers!!!! The whole thing was perfect. I could go on and on. We would be more than happy to serve as a glowing reference for all of you. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. You are the best!!!” -Kimberly & Lawrence B.

    NYX Events Yelp Five Star Ratings

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