NYX Goes Hollywood

Three struggles we faced, and overcame on our journey to Hollywood fame.

About two months ago, we were sitting poolside at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, when President and CEO, Howard Teger’s, cell phone rang. Ten minutes later, NYX Entertainment & Events had accepted the challenge to fully produce an event in three weeks on the West Coast.

  1. Challenge 1: Time is of the Essence

Typically, we have about nine months lead-time to produce an event. During those nine months, we go through the process of consulting and planning with the client and vendors to be sure that our product and service matches their vision.

The production clock for our Hollywood challenge began to tick as soon as Howard hung up the phone. And, it wasn’t just your average production clock: it was shorter. About 33 weeks shorter.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and it certainly wasn’t about to make an exception for NYX. When the phone call was over, we realized we had three weeks to fully produce an event that was 3,000 miles away.

  1. Challenge 2: a Shot in the Dark

Every event producer dreams for his or her own means of teleportation. Unfortunately for us, not everything we can dream will actually happen. But, fortunately for our clients, we’ll do everything that we can to make their dreams a reality.

We were challenged with fully producing a party on another coast, sans the ability to teleport, without ever laying eyes on the venue. And, blueprints and floor plans can only go so far. How did we handle this challenge? We hired vendors that knew the venue. And not just any vendors, but the best; vendors we knew we could add to our team and aid our process of creative collaboration.

With the help of these fabulous vendors, we were able to eliminate much of the guesswork that we otherwise would have encountered. We were no longer shooting in the dark, but rather, we were guided to the light.

  1. Challenge 3: Keep Calm and Plan the Surprise

After having built a strong foundation on the West Coast, our team had to face one last challenge: planning three activity-packed, exciting days while keeping the guest of honor guessing. After all, what’s a surprise party without the element of surprise?

For three weeks straight, our entire team came together for countless meetings to solidify every detail of the three-day surprise, from an early morning yoga session on the beach to a very special dinner reception to a late-night “Glam Jam” at the Hotel Bel Air.

The following is photo-montage of the event’s highlights.


A special thanks to all the vendors who were an essential part in the event’s production:

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