The Mitzvah Times are Changin!

Are you changing with them?

Once you receive your date, the common practice has been to book your venue, caterer, then entertainment and photographer. That was the old way…

The first thing to do when you get your date is to set your budget with your spouse. Your budget will determine the financial allocation for each element of your party. Once this is done, the order in which you book the services, in most cases, is irrelevant. You certainly wouldn’t book color- or theme-specific items before you decide on a theme. But when it comes to major components of your party like venue, entertainment, and photography, it’s wide open!

Keeping an open mind is important because you may come across an amazing vendor that can deliver exactly what you want at the right price. The sequence in which you book your vendors is not nearly as important as it was under the old tradition!

A perfect example would be… when you find a great DJ (*wink* *wink*), it might be number three on your list and you might only be working on priority number two. We recommend you shuffle priorities and get your date locked in with that perfect vendor. If you choose not to book at that time in order to stick with your traditional booking order, you risk losing out on your first choice who is the ideal fit! It’s important to remember that you’re not the only family in the area planning their Mitzvah on your date, and there is only one perfect solution for you.

So don’t sweat the order in which you check things off your list. With each locked-in detail and accomplished goal, you reduce your stress level and move closer to having fun, which is what a party is all about!

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