Got My Date… Where Do I Begin?

What an amazing feeling! It’s exhilarating… a combination of excited and nervous. We know why you’re excited. This is a day you’ve been looking forward to for many years! Let’s talk about the nervous part for a second…

The temptation is to run around looking at potential venues for your Mitzvah celebration. First, you’ll call NYX to lock in your Emcee, DJ, and photobooth. Then you’ll call some caterers and other vendors. And what if everything costs way more than you expect? That could derail your planning completely!

Hang on a second. Don’t drive yourself crazy!

Here’s a quick guide for the best way to begin:

When you get your date, have a meeting with your spouse and agree on how much you can afford to spend on this party. Once you have your total budget, the next (and most important) step is to allocate that budget to the different expenses you will incur. With over 30 years and nearly 20,000 parties of experience, our certified event planner MC Howie T says, “The most important thing to remember is that your party’s success is tied directly to how you allocate your budget. It’s not how much you spend, but where you spend it.”

Howie has given us a typical Mitzvah budget allocation, in order from most to least expensive:

  1. Food and Beverage/Catering — Venue
  2. Entertainment/Decor
  3. Photographer
  4. Miscellaneous – Novelties, Invitations, Yarmulkes, Parting Gifts
  5. Attire

There’s a very good chance that you’ll go over budget. That almost always happens, especially when you’re planning the celebration of a lifetime! So plan for slight overages and leave yourself a cushion so those inevitable overruns don’t affect the entire event!

These are generalizations, of course. If you would like to discuss your particular situation… and how several different factors affect the overall cost of your event (and ways to save money on these) — such as guest count, day of the week, time of day, time of year, vendor reputation, etc. — drop us a line at 301.984.0500 or

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