Going Virtual: How Circumstances Dictate Innovation in the Events Industry

While nothing can replace a warm hug, a firm handshake, or snapping a photo to remember a special moment, there are still occasions that must go on, and messages that must go out. With large gatherings on hold, we’re turning to technology to bring us together with our friends, families, and colleagues.

The fact is, we simply do not know when we’ll be able to bring people together in person again for conferences, product launches, fundraisers, weddings, and mitzvahs. But some things lend themselves well to being broadcast online. We’re doing our best to make those broadcasts interactive and engaging so your guests have no problem staying interested and focused on your festivities.

Some industry insiders believe that developing a digital events platform is a waste of time, as things will be back to normal soon. We believe that the virtual event space is an emergent innovation that can thrive alongside traditional in-person gatherings.

Why would someone choose a virtual event over an in-person gathering? Considering the current pandemic, online events may be your only option, unless you want to postpone your event. But once things rebound to whatever the new normal will be, digital events can provide more bang for your buck. Event space rental in hotels and conference centers make up a large percentage of event budgets. Without that expense, producers and planners can allocate the extra funds toward marketing of the event, amazing promotional gifts, better quality entertainment *ahem*, prestigious special guests, and video production quality.

Although not nearly as important, broadcasting virtually also allows your hosts and performers to interact without a mask, making the experience more personal.

We’ve spent a great deal of time creating ways to make virtual events more engaging. We’re also keeping tabs on what is working well and what can be improved within the broadcast technology itself. Much like a record producer needs to listen to a master recording on various types of devices and not just million-dollar studio speakers to know how music consumers will actually hear an album, we’re experimenting with watching events on PC monitors, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets.

You may ask… what are the drawbacks of hosting an event virtually? Maybe you want to hear more about the benefits of going this route. If you want to know what kinds of things we can do to make your virtual party exciting and memorable, drop us a line at 301.984.0500 or and let’s discuss what your virtual event might look like.

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