DIY New Year’s Eve: Party at Your Pad

Part One: Pick Your Party
‘Tis the season…to start making plans for New Year’s Eve. If you live in New York, Los Angeles or Washington, DC, or somewhere in between, you’re undoubtedly faced with a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to picking your New Year’s Eve party location. But, when was the last time you considered your own home? NYX Entertainment & Events New Year's Eve Party Planning Guide

Rather than breaking the bank to make plans to celebrate at someone else’s party with strangers, save your hard-earned dollars and plan to host the bash of the year in a more intimate setting with people that you truly want to be around.

During the next four weeks, Team NYX and other event industry icons from around the country will be weighing in with tips and ideas to help you plan your New Year’s Eve party, stress-free.

What Animal Are You?
All party animals are not the same; everyone’s a member of a different herd. The first step to planning your New Year’s Eve party is deciding what kind of shindig you want to have for you and yours. Take a second to consider the following questions:

Will it be a dinner party or cocktail party?  Will it be catered, or are you a foodie who loves to cook and enjoy company while you’re at it? Do you want to do a potluck-style gathering? 

Do you want to start the party at 6p.m. or at 10p.m.? What do you want to do at midnight; are you watching Ryan Seacrest in Times Square, or are you going outside to light fireworks? 

Party Planning To-Do List: Week One
These are all questions that you’ve got to answer for yourself before we can proceed. But, rest assured that no matter what category your party falls into (cocktail or dinner), we’ll help you plan it! On your party-planning to-do list for today, you only have one thing to accomplish: pick your party!

Step one is easy! Pick one.



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