Corporate Testimonial

A Hundred Thanks!

“Dear Howie, A hundred thanks for an awesome event! I am so very grateful to have had your help and expertise in executing our KEENFest program. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are so very luck you chose to say ‘yes’ to our request to help us! Our athletes will certainly benefit from the money you helped us raise. My sincerest thanks.” -Elizabeth

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Event Entertainment - Why choose NYX? header image.
DJ/Band Fusion

The NYX Live Experience Imagine the best musicians paired with the top DJs, giving you an unlimited selection of music!   All NYX Live members play an integral role within this masterful musical production. The DJ plays a song from our extensive library of over 100,000 tracks with genres spanning the decades. The region’s top musicians supplement and enrich the mix for an upbeat and energetic atmosphere.

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World-class DJs Great music makes a great event! When the time comes that all your clients and colleagues are gathered together, the music needs to be spectacular. While celebrating your special event, it’s the music and the dance floor through which everyone connects. Click to hear our world-class DJs!

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“What an amazing party — you and your staff were totally awesome. Thanks for making our day so special. We had lots of comments from our guests on how great you were as well as the dancers… very energetic and charismatic!! The music was perfect and the break dancing performance was great too!”

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Best Party I Ever Attended!

“SPECTACULAR! UNBELIEVABLE! THE BEST PARTY I EVER ATTENDED! I have received so many raves and compliments from my friends. Even those who typically never dance and are always reserved at these social functions were on the dancefloor! No matter who we run into, they have heard from someone who was there how wonderful it was. It’s one thing when your guests rave about the party, but when you hear it from people who weren’t even there, you know it had […]

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“The people from my office said they had never been to a livelier party! Although there are no more parties like this in my near future, I would recommend NYX to anyone who is having a party!”

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“From the minute I stepped into your office, I knew we would have an awesome party. You helped me with almost every aspect of the party — which wasn’t your job but just shows me how much you enjoy making people happy. Your concept for NYX is amazing.”

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The Key Ingredient

“Dear Howie, You and your dancers were outstanding… did not want to go to bed without letting you know how impressed I was with you and your team. You kept the party alive the entire night. And you are so nice, very warm, and caring. Thanks so much, you were great! You were the key ingredient in tonight’s success. Again, thank you for your energy and your enthusiasm. Please let your dancers know how pleased we were also.” -Steven S.

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Huge Success

“You did it! You made our party one that will not be forgotten. Our event was so much fun from the awesome music, the dancer, the fabulous light show, and fun party giveaways. Our friends are still talking about it, and we owe it all to you. We’re sure you saw the amount of people still on the dancefloor when it was over, which is not typical of a Service Guild event. We had so much fun working with you. […]

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Highlight of the Evening

“Days and weeks after the event, our colleagues are still reminiscing about the entertainment! You were the highlight of the evening. We loved the variety of music played that kept everyone on the dancefloor! Again, many thanks for your assistance in creating a memorable event. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

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Excellent Entertainment

“Thank you very much for the excellent entertainment that you provided for our women’s Alumnae meeting at the Royce Carlin Hotel. All of the women enjoyed the music and were pleasantly surprised at how many participated in the dancing. Your background music was a lovely addition to the awards ceremony, as well as to our dinner. Looking forward to working with you again!!!”

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