Month: July 2013

WeddingWire World 2013 Recap: 3 Things We Learned

As professionals, it’s important to understand that yes, we’re good at what we do. But, it’s also important to understand that there’s always room for improvement. Yesterday, team NYX attended WeddingWire World 2013 at The Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., in efforts to learn more and improve our business.NYX Entertainment & Events WeddingWireWorld

We had the pleasure of sitting in on a few of Alan Berg‘s lectures; the following are three of our favorite tips that Alan shared yesterday about how to improve your company’s website.


1. Create a blank album
Take your photo album section to the next level with a call-to-action element. Creating a blank photo album with the title “Your Event Here” is a subtle means of getting your potential client to envision their event with your company’s services.

2. Create an “About You” section
Your website is about your company and your client. Show off your expert knowledge while building your credibility by showing that you know your client right from the start in an “About You” page.

3. Have a short contact form
Make it easy for a potential client to contact you. Make your contact form short. Even better: make it so your client can contact you directly at a personal e-account rather than sending them to an “info@” generic account.

Performers We Love: Michael Franti

After producing events all week, it makes perfect sense that we’re inclined to attend one. This past weekend, members of the NYX Entertainment & Events team went to the Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour that featured Train, Michael Franti and Spearhead at Jiffy Lube Live. 

While we thoroughly enjoyed the concert from start to finish, Michael Franti’s performance quickly became our personal favorite. His stage presence, unique talent and musical prowess created a sort of love-at-first-song connection among our team that we haven’t been able to shake.

Stage Presence 2.0: Make a Visit
The staff at NYX Entertainment & Events love both producing events and entertainment, and attending them. After being in the business of crafting the ultimate entertainment experience for more than twenty years, we’ve practically seen it all: the good, the bad, and the just plain terrible. And, given our natural inclination to be hyper-critical of any performance, we have nothing but rave reviews for the Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour, specifically Michael Franti’s act.

Michael Franti submerges himself in the crowd during a performance.

Michael Franti submerges himself in the crowd during a performance.                        Photo courtesy of Rob Chapman.

Michael Franti gave us one of the greatest entertainment experiences of the summer. He commanded the crowd for the duration of his set, sans the help of creative lighting and multi-media effects. Michael took initiative to walk through the crowd and visit his audience, rather than relying on technology as a crutch to get his audience’s attention, Michael commanded the crowd by making a meaningful connection with them, something that only the best of performers can accomplish.

Positive Performance
Our current musical climate is littered with content that, more often than not, speaks to nonsensical violence, lewd behavior and overall negativity. Michael Franti happens to be one of the few artists that don’t participate in the widespread negativity that plagues the performing industry. Rather, he focuses on peace and positivity, something that we appreciate, not only as audience members, but also as professionals at NYX Entertainment & Events.

Spread the Word
 With an unbeatable stage presence, sounds reminiscent of the great Bob Marley and messages that have the power to elevate practically any mood, Michael Franti’s music is this week’s obsession.

From the words of Franti himself, “everyone deserves music.” And, if you’ve never listened to one of his songs, the team at NYX Entertainment & Events urges you to do so immediately, with the highest of hopes that you’ll love him as much as we do. Not sure where to start? Try one of our favorite songs, “The Sound of Sunshine.”

Ted Talk Tuesday: Richard St. John

Everyone has his or her own definition of success. For some, success means earning money, buying a big house or maybe a fancy car. Perhaps for others, success is levitating to a higher social standing or winning an award.

For our team at NYX, success is nearly impossible to define as a single item or ideal. Instead, we’ve created our own definition by drawing from approximately eight components, as outlined by Richard St. John’s Ted Talk, “Eight Secrets of Success.”

[ted id=70]

While we haven’t taken the past 7 years to interview approximately 500 people about their personal definitions and secrets of success, we have taken the past 20 to design and produce entertainment for more than 15,000 events. Our alternate route to discovering the secret and definition of success led us to the same enlightenment.

Be Successful Every Day
Every day, the team at NYX Entertainment & Events acknowledges following elements to be sure that the day is, in our opinion, successful:

  • Passion
  • Work
  • Focus
  • Persistence
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Drive
  • Customer Service

The Perfect Recipe
The eight elements highlighted by Richard St. John, and adapted by NYX, are the best ingredients for a successful business day. We’ve used the recipe for countless days, weeks and years to produce award-winning events and entertainment, most notably:

We’d like to thank Richard St. John for fleshing-out his discoveries in such an eloquent fashion, and we’re proud to say that NYX Entertainment & Events is a passionate, hard-working, focused, persistent, creative, driven and professional team that focuses on customer service and delivering the highest level of entertainment for every client.

NYX Goes Hollywood

Three struggles we faced, and overcame on our journey to Hollywood fame.

About two months ago, we were sitting poolside at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, when President and CEO, Howard Teger’s, cell phone rang. Ten minutes later, NYX Entertainment & Events had accepted the challenge to fully produce an event in three weeks on the West Coast.

  1. Challenge 1: Time is of the Essence

Typically, we have about nine months lead-time to produce an event. During those nine months, we go through the process of consulting and planning with the client and vendors to be sure that our product and service matches their vision.

The production clock for our Hollywood challenge began to tick as soon as Howard hung up the phone. And, it wasn’t just your average production clock: it was shorter. About 33 weeks shorter.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and it certainly wasn’t about to make an exception for NYX. When the phone call was over, we realized we had three weeks to fully produce an event that was 3,000 miles away.

  1. Challenge 2: a Shot in the Dark

Every event producer dreams for his or her own means of teleportation. Unfortunately for us, not everything we can dream will actually happen. But, fortunately for our clients, we’ll do everything that we can to make their dreams a reality.

We were challenged with fully producing a party on another coast, sans the ability to teleport, without ever laying eyes on the venue. And, blueprints and floor plans can only go so far. How did we handle this challenge? We hired vendors that knew the venue. And not just any vendors, but the best; vendors we knew we could add to our team and aid our process of creative collaboration.

With the help of these fabulous vendors, we were able to eliminate much of the guesswork that we otherwise would have encountered. We were no longer shooting in the dark, but rather, we were guided to the light.

  1. Challenge 3: Keep Calm and Plan the Surprise

After having built a strong foundation on the West Coast, our team had to face one last challenge: planning three activity-packed, exciting days while keeping the guest of honor guessing. After all, what’s a surprise party without the element of surprise?

For three weeks straight, our entire team came together for countless meetings to solidify every detail of the three-day surprise, from an early morning yoga session on the beach to a very special dinner reception to a late-night “Glam Jam” at the Hotel Bel Air.

The following is photo-montage of the event’s highlights.


A special thanks to all the vendors who were an essential part in the event’s production: